Idea Fixa today, 24th August 2010 in Riehen, Basel: The Dissolution of an idée fixe

Idea Fixa is a momentary cross section of an art network. A representation of the unrepresentable. The visualization of a volatile moment where past, present and future happen, not in one same moment but beyond time, and which changes by reception itself. Each visitor, each agent becomes part of a new process happening here and now, a possible phoenix rising from the ashes of the dissolved, a new destination. The idée fixe of a reality which is torn down by itself. The idée fixe to dissolve an idée fixe.

Idea Fixa

August 24 at 11:00am – August 25 at 1:00am

Im Baumgarten 1, 4125 Riehen, Basel, Switzerland

Art-Crossrooming by

Anina Michel & Reto Mettler


Laurent Ajina


Gina Folly

Fabienne Gribi

Noori Lee

Paul McCarthy

Michael Meister

Ueli Michel

Geri Michel

Leta Peer

Will Ryman

Roman Signer

Ludwig Stocker



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