Chris Soria: Manufacturing Seasons (2004-2006) and Antiquated Giant (2009)

Chris Soria’s Manufacturing Seasons series is a documentation of the last days of Greenpoint Terminal Market, an industrial complex in Brooklyn, NY. Closed down decades ago, it just stood there for years, subjected to weather and the use as a temporary shelter for the homeless. In May 2006, one entire part of the complex burned down in a ten-alarm fire. In a series of almost documentary works, Chris Soria used hundreds of photographs to rebuild the Market. He took the photographs before the fire, and this makes the works a historical record of what the complex used to be. Especially with the outlook of the factory being destroyed and the space it takes now being reused for a different purpose, Manufacturing Seasons is a reminder of the futility of human achievement and at the same time an hommage to the beauty of its remnants which experiences its climax in a giant mural Antiquated Giant.

Photograph by Monica Müller. All rights reserved.

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