Stéphane Belzère-Kreienbühl in IAAB Open Studio Event

On Friday, 4th December from 6pm, the International Exchange and Studio Program in Basel opens the doors of the participating artists for an open studio event.

Painter Stéphane Belzère-Kreienbühl’s work revolves around contexts and the different ways of treating them. By concentrating on the detail of a whole and framing it anew, he disposes of its original context and allows for the spectator to create it for himself. The original motives are mostly taken from a scientific anatomic background. Thus he takes the picture of a shelf with glasses containing human or animal preparations from which he unhinges the glasses‘ bottoms which he then scales to enormous sizes. The new image is then projected and painted on glass. The result, to some spectators, may look like a landscape in green and blue colour tones. Or he may paint a crosssection of a human head, filling it with different colour combinations. The paintings remind of mandalas. Here, the scientific background of neurologic research mapping the brain sets the stage for „the artist’s imagination“.

Stéphane Belzère-Kreienbühl has worked at IAAB for five months now. He exhibits the results of his work from that time. In total, six artists participating in the program will open their studios: Jun Azumatei (Tokyo), Jennifer Caubet (Marseille), Hidde van Schie (Rotterdam), Tom Muller (Fremantle) and Martin Bureau (Montréal).

So Open Studios at IAAB promises to be a truly artistic cultural exchange, with artists from all around the world. It will definitely be worth the visit. Be there!

>> Visit IAAB website here

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