SHIFT09 in Basel – „Magic. Tech-Evocations and Assumptions of Paranormal Realities“

Yesterday, 22nd October, the third edition of the annual SHIFT – Electronic Arts Festival took place in Dreispitzhalle, Münchenstein. After a series of opening speeches by the sponsors‘ representatives, the exhibition was opened to the public. At 9pm, US musician Dorit Chrysler performed the first of a long list of musical acts of the festival.

Dominik Spirgi, spokesman of the festival, held his opening speech, followed by several officials and representatives of the sponsors. During the speeches, people poured into Dreispitzhalle in quite great numbers. When the apero was declared open, the event hall was packed expectedly.

At 8pm, the exhibition opened. You can say, it’s definitely worth the visit. Although the topic of this years‘ SHIFT seems a bit passé, its interpretations vary from clever to amusing, and from dazzling to a bit blunt.

Interaction is written in capitals. Accordingly, lots of the works include the beholder. And interaction is realized in very different ways. From screens with mouses inviting you to click to motion sensors transforming movements onto screens, every variation can be seen.

Today, the official program of SHIFT has started, sporting an extensive number of performances and concerts, partly taking place in the partnering Schaulager. A visit of SHIFT’s website is recommended to see what’s going on and where.

>> Visit SHIFT09 website
>> Visit Schaulager website

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