Norwegian Instant Art – Artists exchange culture between Oslo and San Francisco

Four Norwegian artists travel to San Francisco to make art. They take two weeks‘ time to absorb the Bay Area and transform it instantly into artworks. And at the end of the stay, the artworks will be exhibited. The project draws on identity and difference: how does a stranger perceive a town?

EXPLORE, TRANSFORM, PERFORM is the subtitle the four artists give to the project. While their individual works draw international attention, Norwegian Instant Art is a charity project designed to share cultural energy – this time between Norway and the US.

The San Francisco issue is the third part of the series. The first two were initiated and held by Pippip Ferner and Kristine Maudal. For the San Francisco show, Kristin Romberg and Ingrid A. Tronstad complete the quartet.

The project will be put through from November 1st to 12th 2009. The opening will take place on 12th November between 6pm and 9pm at Studio Anodyne, 77 Dow Place.

>> Invitation EXPLORE TRANSFORM PERFORM 12th November 09
>> Go to Kristine Maudal’s website
>> Go to Pippip Ferner’s website
>> Go to Kristin Romberg’s website
>> Go to Ingrid A. Tronstad’s website

3 Kommentare Gib deinen ab

  1. kseverny sagt:

    sounds like a cool event

  2. Liselotte sagt:

    I heard it was a great exhibition, does anyone know how many people participate ?

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