Catwalk in Public Space by Reh4: A Great Success

Thursday, 11th June 2009, the Catwalk in Public Space by Reh4 took place on Feldbergstrasse in Basel. Nine shops from Basels design neighbourhood presented their fashion. Literally hundreds of people attended.

Feldbergstrasse looked like one giant party. Hundreds of people crowded the sidewalks as the models walked by. From wild and hip to businessy and unadorned: the event gave a complete overview of what’s going on in the fashionscape of Basel and Switzerland. And the visitors were delighted.

Traffic almost came to a halt on Feldbergstrasse. But no one really seemed to care. And only the Art Basel VIP Cars driving by every now and then were reminders of the much bigger event taking place in Basel at the moment. And no one seemed to care about that either. Because this event was about Basel, about designers, about culture and subculture. And as such, it was very much more honest and direct than Art can ever be.

For the organisators of Reh4, the catwalk was a huge success as well. Compared to last year, more than twice the number of shops participated. And the designers who were present this year as visitors will participate in the next year. Catwalk In Public Space seems to have grown to a traditional happening. And it will get bigger every year.

>> See a video of the catwalk on
>> See a video of the catwalk on youtube

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