Catwalk In Public Space During Art Fair in Basel

Reh4, organisation for the support of subculture in Basel, will hold the second volume of „Catwalk in Public Space“. Young fashion designers will have the opportunity to show their collections to the public – open air and in the street.

Feldbergstrasse in Basel is the center of designers‘ and artists‘ potential in Basel. You find here a number of shops dedicated to giving a platform to young, fresh and uprising designers. There are double as many exhibitors than in 2008. You’ll see assortments and presentations from Airasmus, By Coming Soon, Claudia Güdel, Deleni, K-Pony (Peter Müller), Le Magaz-1, marinsel, Spunk und Riviera.

The catwalk covers a hundred meters of sidewalk. When taking place in 2008, the public interest was remarkable. Click here to see a video of the first Catwalk in Public Space.

Catwalk in Public Space II will take place on 11th June 2009, starting from 7pm until 11pm which is when the doors of the art fairs in Basel close for the night, so it’s definitely a nice and interesting thing to do after a day at the fair.

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